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Dejon Hush

Dejon Hush is passionate about enhancing player skills and knowledge of the game. He has held coaching positions at Franklin, Mercer Island, Bainbridge Island and is currently the Program Director at Bishop Blanchet High School. Dejon was recently inducted into the WA state lacrosse Hall of Fame. He continuously strives to build curriculum that drives skill development and love for the game.

Jack Visco

Jack Visco is a premiere lacrosse educator for both players and coaches. He has held stints coaching at Overlake, Bellevue, Mercer Island and is currently the Program Director for Bainbridge Island. He has won 5 State Championships and coached numerous HS All American players and collegiate players.  Jack continues to bring innovation and enthusiasm to the field for all players.

Dave Waterman

The Lacrosse Our Own Way video showcases a local area Lacrosse program that incorporates Indigenous values as a part of the game. 


"Back home we refer to it [Lacrosse] as the Medicine Game because it carries these features of togetherness and unity and these principles that take care of our well-being." Gienhyaw (Dave Waterman) Oneida Nation - Turtle Clan (Team Coach)

Egg and Spoon Lacrosse prides itself on selecting staff that were once campers at E&S, local and current NCAA Players, and coaches that excel in teaching not only the fundamentals, but the nuances, that create a solid player.


See you on the field!


Former and Current Egg and Spoon Coaches

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